2BSURE Mission

Our Objective at 2BSURE is to focus on bringing health awareness choices that are sustainable to the community.  Our products offer a hybrid period proof underwear that is sustainable made, versatile, safe, fashionable and affordable.  Over the long run it will cost less than traditional feminine hygiene products. The product is aimed to empower young girls to instill positive self esteem and build confidence in their ordinary day during their menstrual cycle. We create  2BSURE as a way to remind young adolescents to be kind to themselves and to be kind to the world they live in by using products that are environmentally friendly.  



Our hybrid period proof underwear are fashionable, comfortable, safe, reusable, and environmentally friendly. The underwear features a 4 thin layers which act as wicked absorption, anti-microbial, odor elimination, and leakage resistant, plus an extra opening for insertion of extra lining, when needed. They are designed to fit all body types and come in all sizes.